Super Monkey Gym RuiLi Store


Project Description

Project Description



Square Feet



waterproof emulsion paint, floor paint, matte lacquering steel board, white perforated plate, brushed stainless steel bar, tempered glass, terrazzo, PVC carpet, etc.

Project Scope

Interior Design


This project is the mini store of the popular gym chain Super Monkey in Shanghai, China. Unlike other existing stores, the mini store focuses on professional one-to-one private training courses. “More refined in-depth experience, privacy and customization” is the brand strategy we use for our design on this mini store, to convey the brand’s tonality and values with rich visual expression, and to target the market more accurately. 

In order to shape the delicate texture of the brand image, we decided to use black as the main color of the space and to embellish with the brand’s identification color yellow, to minimize color use and to create a more quiet and exclusive atmosphere, so trainers can immerse themselves more deeply within the training experience. This is exactly the kind of core value the brand expects to build. We use different shades of black and different construction materials to build more dimensions in a limited space. For example, using of see-through black mirrors and grey foggy wall painting to create a visual harmony.

Although the building structure of this floor is quite high, most of the space is occupied by complex pipelines, and the space that can be actually used inside is quite limited. We opened all the training area, and covered part of the pipelines with this yellow frame on the ceiling as well as dividing the areas of different training sections. Different training areas are integrated in one space and the long light belt runs through the whole store extending the horizon and increasing the sense of spatial wholeness.

Special attention is paid to the Brand’s target female customers. Compared to the dark color tone in the training area, the changing room and the resting area at the entrance are decorated in pure white color to create bright and relaxing atmosphere, along with terrazzo to increase the warmth and the depth of the space. The store is located on the first floor of the basement where the public hallway is quite narrow. To enhance this and enlarge the resting areas we designed a retreat space at the entrance. The rest area provides a small gym social area and bar, allowing guests privacy or space to socialize.

Super Monkey Gym RuiLi Store