Project Description

Project Description



Square Feet



White latex paint, black latex paint, gray latex paint, white and black stoving varnish;
Pandomo, luminescent cement, cement;
Smart glass, ultra white glass, white-film ultra-white glass, milky white acrylic plate;
Nano-coated special gray metal, black rust-like iron accessories, bronze rust-like iron accessories, black matte iron mesh, white matte punching plate, brushed stainless steel, black grinding iron plate, black stoving varnish plate;
Solid oak veneer, grey solid veneer with water ripples, white solid oak wood;
Woven carpet, SPC white board with stone texture, SPC oak veneer board;
Imported white free paint board with stone texture, natural oak paint-free board.

Project Scope

Interior design, decoration


As a designer, the most difficult thing for me is to accurately express the philosophy of restraint. Facing the office space of Xintiandi, contradictions emerge in my heart. Design cannot be overused and should not be over-interpreted. What is the way to present the years of accumulation and simplify the complexity while looking at the past?People have different perceptions at different stages of life, from the scrambling for fame and gain to the unflappability with great wisdom but appearing slow-witted. The connection of design in life is like a kind of re-birth. Life experience is the original intention of design, which then presents the value of protogenesis.

The company headquarters in Shanghai Xintiandi is located in an old building on Fuxing Middle Road. Partly hidden and partly visible in the lane, there are many possibilities in this 4800mm high space. The space is divided into several areas, including reception and cafe area, library, creative office area, meeting room, materials area and toilet. Considering geomantic omen, a semi-perspective porch wall is set at the entrance to deconstruct the silver-gray stainless steel wall extending to the window, which goes with the black rust-like iron wall and tabletop to form a stable spatial relationship. The 130 degree corner-folded wall distinguishes the spatial relationship and the seamless cement material connects the bar with the cement-colored wall, adding warmth to the oak cabinet beside it. The elliptical mirror stainless steel column solves the problem of the fire main pipe. The elevated library area takes the big window as the main idea, allowing the sunshine to sprinkle into the gap between the sofa and the bookcase, and the stainless steel stove in the corner adds warmth to this area. The wholly raised white floor with stone texture extends all the way to the toilet, which not only solves the problem of pipeline renovation, but also increases the volume relationship in space. The creative office area follows the 130-degree design, assigning the maximum space for workers. The white tabletop with stone texture, custom-made white lamps and white carpets form an integrated visual effect. The ceiling design adopts an architectural perspective, with cuboids to define the sense of region and integrate them with the original ceiling. The meeting area is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part, a mezzanine, is the meeting room, while the lower part is the material center. Combining the H-shaped steel floor with a perforated mesh ceiling, and the solid oak treads with open stairs, the meeting room constructed with electronic glass appears both virtual and substantial.

In the fusion of the old and new, the original intention of simplifying complexity blur the boundary of the old and the new and extend to the design of space. We hope to show high quality space with low saturation neutral color and warm light, reflecting the collision of materials in detail. With the application of dimming, and combination with natural light, open space and implicit form, the space frame is formed, so that the users can get the experience of modern lane.